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  • Wasp Treatments: The majority of wasps in the treated nest should have died off within an hour, however it can take up to two days for the emerging brood to come out of its pupation. If activity from the nest after two days please call for a re-treatment of the nest.

  • Ant Treatments: As explained some of the treatments will not affect the flying ants and is designed to kill off the colony from which they are coming. If results have not been sufficiently obtained after one week please call for further treatment.
  • Fleas, Moths, Beetles: Please follow the advice on the sheet provided to you on day of treatment.

  • Rats and Mice: If during or after a rodent treatment has been carried out you find fresh areas of activity or suffer an unpleasant smell in the house, find a dead rodent or discover spilt bait please call the pest technician immediately.

  • Bedbugs: Please follow advice on the sheet provided to you on day of treatment. In addition clothes and bedding should be removed carefully from the affected area and washed at 60c or above. Items that can not be washed should be placed into a freezer for 3-4 days or treated by heat above 54c. Please ask technician for further details.

For any further infomation or for any treatments details not listed above please give us a call.


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We provide a fast, efficient professional, commercial and domestic pest control service to Surrey and surrounding areas. Rats, Mice, Moles, Wasps, Bees, Rabbits, Fleas, Insects and all other pests destroyed or removed.

County Pest Control has provided its services in the Surrey area since the 1950's. We are a local business that continues to strive to provide a quality and professional service to our customers with value for money. We offer a discreet and friendly approach to all pest related problems and pest prevention services for your home or business. All pests are dealt with by trained professional technicians who will provide paper reports, advice, treatments and humane dispatch or live animal capture solutions to all pest control problems and infestations, in both commercial and domestic settings.

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